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The Rosenberg Archive

The last known photograph of Johannes Rosenberg, Sydney 1992

Welcome to The Rosenberg Archive, the official website of Australian composer and violin virtuoso Johannes Rosenberg and his family. This site contains excerpts from two previously unpublished books on the Rosenbergs:

the pink violin


Violin Music in the Age of Shopping

From: the pink violin

The Lipinski Interview

Rosenberg in Japan or the East is Pink

Rosenberg - A Reconstruction

Violin Music of the Payawipaya People

Jo'Doc' Rosenberg and Boo Theory

A Letter from Judy Rosenberg

The Virtual Violin

From: Violin Music in the Age of Shopping

Rosenberg, Chaos and the Violin

Master Class

Faking the Orgasm

Violin Viruses

Cafe Central - a Working Violinist's Monologue

The Little Pink Book

From the Rosenberg Memorial Lecture, 1992

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