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False Narratives
Ruark Lewis
Two Pieces for Radio
Rainer Linz
Depth of Translation - the Book of Raft
Paul Carter & Ruark Lewis
Fractal Flesh
Ernie Althoff
Rainer Linz & Brigid Burke
Violin Music in the Age of Shopping
Jon Rose & Rainer Linz

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the pink violin

Jon Rose & Rainer Linz

" a hilarious post-modern expose of the kind of "scholarship" one can find in art schools throughout the post-modern world - with theories (Einsteinian in concept) about violins, violin mobiles, violin theorems, violin art forms, cubistic violin, violin installations, a whole theory about Saddam Hussein and why he became the dictator of his country because he was a violinist manqué - but there is so much more... Included is "Swedish for Violin Players", a whole tome on the "Physical Violin" via the Olympic Games of 1936 all the way through the 1988 Olympics. Then of course there is the Rosenberg family tree...

A wild and heavily illustrated conceit that almost makes you believe it all... a delicious perversion
Umbrella magazine

A peculiar bird to say the least ... willfully and playfully enigmatic.
EMI magazine

... then I found myself laughing uncontrollably and I don't know why.
The Strad

And I see you've got my cheque there, so I'll give it five stars
Evos Magazine

Visit the Rosenberg Archive for selected online chapters.

ISBN 0 646 08003 2 : $20.00 + $6.00 post   Ordering information

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Shopping Book

Violin Music in the Age of Shopping

Jon Rose & Rainer Linz

A companion volume to the pink violin (1992), this book contains a collection of essays, articles, letters and diary extracts dealing with the state of music in the closing part of the Twentieth Century, and what it might mean for the future.

Included among the wealth of material contained in this book are Rosenberg's Revised Timetables (showing the rise of shopping in recent world history), a pictorial treatise on violin imagery in late C20th advertising, an unlikely collection of strange but true stories involving violins - in fact this is a most persuasive contribution to the existing literature on the violin and shopping .

Visit the Rosenberg Archive for selected online chapters.

  ISBN 0 646 18105 X : $20.00 + $6.00 post   Ordering information

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