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False Narratives
Ruark Lewis
Two Pieces for Radio
Rainer Linz
Depth of Translation - the Book of Raft
Paul Carter & Ruark Lewis
Fractal Flesh
Ernie Althoff
Rainer Linz & Brigid Burke
the pink violin
Jon Rose & Rainer Linz
Violin Music in the Age of Shopping
Jon Rose & Rainer Linz
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NMA Publications

Welcome to the NMA home page. NMA Publications (New Music Articles) was formed with Richard Vella in 1982, having the aim of encouraging musicians, composers and sound artists to write about their work as a way of informing the general public, and creating wider musical debate.

Along with a number of book, cassette and limited edition publications, NMA magazine issues 1-10 were published between the years 1982 - 92. Selected articles from back issues are now available online.

Details of currently available titles can be found by following the links to the left. Information about previous titles and other projects is contained in the archive links below.

NMA Publications are distributed in the U.S. by Frog Peak Music

(Nov 2006) NMATAPES 1 - 10 re-released by Shame File Music.
(Aug 2009) NEW article Notes on Expansion by David Ahern


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