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Two Pieces for Radio (CD)
Rainer Linz
Depth of Translation - the Book of Raft
Paul Carter & Ruark Lewis
Fractal Flesh (CD)
Heliosonics (CD)
Ernie Althoff
Intersect (CD)
Rainer Linz & Brigid Burke
the pink violin (book)
Jon Rose & Rainer Linz
Violin Music in the Age of Shopping (book)
Jon Rose & Rainer Linz

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False Narratives

False Narratives

Ruark Lewis

Thirteen short narrative writings just released in paperback, or a limited boxed edition set with audio CD (below).

ISBN 0 9577549 1 4 (paperback)
155 x 103 mm, 152 pages printed 2 colours.
First Published in 2001 by NMA Publications Melbourne

ISBN 0 9577549 1 4 : $20.00 + $4.00 post   Ordering information

Limited Edition Boxed Set

76 loose leaf pages and audio CD with readings by the author rendered in 3D audio format.

ISBN 0 9577549 2 2 (boxed set)
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