sound samples

The sound samples used in this installation were created by forcing data flows through digital sound equipment wired into a feedback loop. While the resulting sounds appear to be repetitive, they contain random elements as well as periodic punctuations that produce subtle changes over time.

The method of creating this sound was developed in keeping with the principle of infonoise.

Thirty two samples in all are used. The following excerpts, in mp3 format, give some idea of the nature and variety of sound that can be created this way.

Rainer Linz
June 2003
  • sample 1 (117k)

  • sample 2 (118k)

  • sample 3 (117k)

  • sample 4 (121k)

  • sample 5 (117k)

  • sample 6 (119k)

  • sample 7 (114k)


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