zoran milkovic

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1953, he attended the High School of Mathematics in
Belgrade (computer programming), and graduated in 1977 at the Faculty of
Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Has been working in
R&D for a video equipment manufacturing firm for more than 10 years.
Currently working for a government institution in Belgrade.

His fields of interest are analogue and digital electronic design,
covering audio and video circuits, microprocessor-based equipment design
(including assembly-language programming), software development using
structural programming languages (TurboPascal, C) and object-oriented
programming (Java).

Having a large experience in both hardware and software
development, he has contributed actively to Gordana Novakovic's works
since 1996, starting with the Under the Shirt of a Happy Man interactive
installation and related works, Ouroboros , infonoise and several
other projects.

Other works include Misa Savic's interactive installation ABC (hardware
and software design and implementation) in December 2000.

The infonoise project has been a long-term development experience
involving e-mail based collaboration with Australian composer Rainer
Linz and London-based visual artist Gordana Novakovic.