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Rainer Linz

Composer and sound artist Rainer Linz has a long involvement in radio, music theatre, instrumental and electronic music. His work includes an opera as well as numerous chamber and electronic pieces intended for concert performance. He is also an author and publisher. The Oxford Companion to Music in Australia (OUP 1999) notes "Linz's innovative and entrepreneurial work in Melbourne has been a significant factor in the city's prominence in experimental music."

His recent collaborative work includes the sound installation Barcode (Graz 1999), the interactive gallery installation infonoise (Belgrade 2001), and the live performance work Brainscore . Under the title New Listener he has devised a series of computer programs where a music or sound composition can be adjusted to the listener's preference. He is a recipient of the Australia Council New Media Arts Fellowship for 2002/3.

Recent Project Background 1990 Volcano & Vision, Chamber Opera in 3 acts. (Calculated Risks Opera Productions) The City Audiovisual production (w Anna Couani & Peter Lyssiotis) Sydney Biennale Sound design for Stelarc performance season, Melb International Festival 1991 Industrial Machine Works (w. Stelarc & Nathan Thompson) Melb International Festival 1992 Sound design, Hollow Body...(Stelarc) Ars Electronica, Linz Sounds & Visions music theatre project w. Brigid Burke & co. Book publication the pink violin (w. Jon Rose) Established the NMA Prize for Music and Writing (La Trobe University) 1993 The Encounter music theatre production (Contemporary Music EventsCompany) Sounds & Visions Radio production, ABC FM Sound Design for MUUMEDIA Festival, Helsinki Finland 1995 Urban & Aboriginal Festival, Berlin Sounds in Space exhibition, MCA Gallery Sydney Residency at STEIM Studios, Amsterdam Audio production and sound design, Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz (Austria) Co-producer/Director, New Music Now video series, interviews with 5 Aust composers. Audio production and sound design, Lyon Biennale. 1996 Appearances at ICA London; Newcastle (UK) Electric Dance Festival; Ysbreker Amsterdam; Kunsthalle Vienna; Bodies in Space Festival, Maribor Slovenia; Sonnambiente Festival Berlin; Ars Electronica, Linz 1997 Festival Atlantico, Portugal. Perks performances (w. Jon Rose) Brisbane Biennial; Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt. Appearances at ICC centre, Tokyo; Ars Electronica Festival, Linz; Fotofeis Festival Glasgow; Fukui Biennale, Japan. 1998 Barcode: First Immersion gallery installation, Maribor Slovenia. Co-organiser, `Hard Listening' performance series, Musicians Club of Victoria 1999 Performances at the String em up festival Rotterdam, and Maribor Computer Festival. Sound Installation work, Invisible Cities Project at Ripponlea (CME). 2000 Probity Quiz, radiophonic work for ABC Listening Room. Sound and system design for Movatar performance (Stelarc). Sound design for the Brainscore performance (with D. Kreuh & D. Grassi), incorporeal communication. Infonoise (with G. Novakovic & Z. Milkovic) sound system and design. 2001 Sound and system design for Motion Prosthesis performance (Stelarc) Amersfoort, Pittsburg, Berlin. Infonoise installation and sound performance at Belgrade Rex centre. False Narratives (Ruark Lewis) installation EAF Adelaide. Spatial exhibition Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart. 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