projector placement
A 3D model of the moebius sculpture showing the placement of six LCD projectors.


Projector Placement. It is difficult to achieve video projection onto non-planar surfaces, such as the surface of a moebius strip.

To resolve this problem, an object exactly matching the installation sculpture was created in the virtual domain, ie with the same form and dimensions.

This virtual strip was then divided into six segments, each having a camera opposed to it. The cameras could see only their matching segment, all others being invisible to them.

Images obtained by these virtual cameras were then projected onto the surface of the sculpture in real space, using six projectors positioned accordingly.

The challenge was to insert parameters into the modeling process to alter the shape of the virtual strip, to match most of the imperfections of the strip in real space.

camera segment
A virtual camera view of one of the segments of the moebius strip.

© 2002 Zoran Milkovic, Gordana Novakovic and Rainer Linz.