Inside the auditorium the Moebius strip forms a stage, overlaid with the selected newspaper headlines of the day submerged in a "dreamscape". This creates a unique representation, or vision of the world at that particular moment.

A scanned, endless oil-on-canvas painting (below), especially designed for this project in the form of a loop, will cover the entire surface of the strip, creating a virtual space or "dreamscape" upon which the performance takes place.

dreamscape image

Actors may interact with the moebius image by dragging the MOUSE slowly, and using the UP and DOWN arrow keys (please try this now, above). Additionally, sounds will be heard singly or in combination as the image is manipulated. The completed work will have 16 sound sources located around the strip.

The performance is created by the movements of headlines, and their interruption by the participants. Dynamics, rhythm and incident depend on the number of actors and their behaviour, as well as their movement through the space. However, they are not in a position to exert direct voluntary control over the action - they are part of a process laid out by the artists, through the software which is custom-designed for this work.

The launch of the web project will take place in both virtual and real space. As well as an internet audience, the performance will be projected before a gallery audience (hopefully to coincide with the installation opening). From different parts of the world, actors will contribute newspaper headlines of the day to form the body of the event, while the content of the performance will be a specific, global information noise, or sum of information, responsive to interaction by the real and online actors.

Finally, a Cafe/Bookshop component, in the form of a chat room, allows visitors to share impressions conversationally with one another.


© 2002 Gordana Novakovic, Rainer Linz and Zoran Milkovic.