project outline

Infonoise is constructed both as an interactive installation and an online interactive theatre work. The intention is to transpose the sensation of global infonoise into an audiovisual experience that will enable participants to interact with it. The work is the result of an international collaboration of authors: Gordana Novakovic (London), Rainer Linz (Melbourne) and Zoran Milkovic (Belgrade), supported by a team of contributors from around the world.

The Moebius strip is a very specific shape, which can exist as a mathematical abstraction as well as a real object. In this particular case it is a symbol of the relationships between real and virtual reality, the conscious and the unconscious, and the rational and emotional levels of human being. The phenomenon of moving from one side of the strip to the other in a continuous flow is taken as a symbol of this class of categories.


The Ouroborus is an ancient symbol, represented as a snake biting its own tail, symbolising a secluded developing circle within oneself, the idea of motion, continuity, parth enogenesis, eternal life. Its movement is the result of a specific algorithm, the form of Form, an audiovisual category that designates both the universally accepted concepts of form, as well as Form as the specific subject matter in the process of artistic creation.


Interactive Installation

The Moebius strip (an 8m fiberglass sculpture) forms the heart of the infonoise installation. It provides a surface upon which daily headlines from international newspapers are projected. The interaction starts when the system detects a visitor entering the space of the installation. The system responds with audio/visual changes, thus representing the personal, unique nature of perception of the information flux.

installation space

Online Interactive Theatre

The virtual phase of the project is an online internet event. The virtual space of the internet event is projected as a theatre: foyer, stage, auditorium and cafe.

The Foyer

In the Foyer, visitors to the Infonoise site are offered the libretto before proceeding to the auditorium where they can select their viewing positions by clicking on an empty seat. In this way, each visitor will experience the installation from an individual perspective. Actors from different places arround the world (Abudabi, Melbourne, Moscow, Luxembourg, Delft, New York, Belgrade, London...), will submit headlines for the performance - their sum will form the plot of the play and the content for the interactive installation.


The Auditorium and Stage

The auditorium is in the form of a theatre-in-round and the stage is the Moebius strip overlaid with the event (headlines submerged into the dreamscape).


The Cafe/Bookshop

This will be in the form of a "chat room" where people can discuss the performance, and glance at the texts and links to previous work by the authors and actors, as in cafes and bookshops usually associated with exhibiting spaces.


© 2002 Gordana Novakovic, Zoran Milkovic and Rainer Linz.