photo chronology of the installation

Building the sculpture: here, an 18 x 1.2 m fibreglass sheet is transformed into a Möbius strip. This central sculpture serves as a projection screen for the event, while the 13-computer network that runs the installation can be seen in the background.

Adding sound and sense: 24 PIR sensors and eight (of the 12) loudpeakers are positioned on the floor, while the Möbius sculpture is suspended in the space above.

Final adjustments: Gordana and Rainer are surrounded by the event, while Zoran (not seen) adjusts the six LCD-projectors during the last stages of completion.

Adjusting the projectors to create a continuous image around the strip.

Adjusting the movement of the Ouroboros, dreamscape and headlines over the Möbius surface.


© 2002 Gordana Novakovic, Zoran Milkovic and Rainer Linz.